Why ZhiChi Anti-bogus clicks system(ZABCS) ?

The advantages of ZABCS are as follows:
  1. An effective process
  2.  Compared to other systems,  ZABCS can complete thousands of analyses per  minute.

  3. A huge storage capacity
  4. Unlike other systems, which use a desk database which only has limited storage capacity,  ZABCS uses the most advanced database system and can store enormous amounts of data.

  5. An outstanding safety performance
  6. ZABCS protects users' data security by installing standard cryptographic algorithms (MD5 and DES3 etc. ) .  

  7. A flexible system configuration
  8. Compared to other systems, ZABCS can meet your needs by adding or reducing servers without change of software, which is far more convenient than having a single-unit operation.

  9. The most advanced technical framework in the world
  10. In comparison with older systems,  ZABCS employs the most advanced technical framework in the world.

After using ZABCS, you will:

  1. Save 50% of advertisement expenses;
  2. Double your advertisement show time;
  3. Double your network throughput;
  4. Enhance your website influence;
  5. Create more business opportunities.
  6. Gain an edge over your competitors.

How does ZABCS work?

The ZABCS distinguishes the bogus clicks based on a strict counting of the numbers who view their website. The advantage of this is that it takes account of IP and also analyses the serial number and behaviour of visitors. On the basis of the   information about the visitor provided by the system it is possible to tell if the visitor is making a bogus click or not.  ZABCS can then stop bogus clicks by setting some codes.

The methods adopted to stop bogus clicks are graded in three categories as remind, warn and force stop.

Remind means letting the visitor knows that you have detected him or her as bogus and requesting that he or she refrain from behaving in this way again. If a visitor still persists, he or she will receive a warning stating that we shall take action to stop their computer if they do not stop clicking our website. If this warning is not heeded, we will employ the force stop method, which will slow down the visitor’s computer or block their internet explorer. This method will not destroy bogus visitors’ computers, which can work again after restarting their computer, but it will increase their costs and clicking time.